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Retail Management System

The Point of Sale Software in Pakistan is an ideal solution for the small and medium-sized business. It is a business-oriented platform that incorporates all the essential features to run a retail store, a boutique, restaurant or any other type of business. And it has variant details for every type of business organization. The best coding has been utilized to prepare this software so that they businesses should not have any sort of problem during their performance.

Further, this Retail Management Software carries a friendly interface. Certainly, it is of no use when you are unable to understand the features of a software. That is why soothing and attractive features have been added to this software that is easy to understand and use.

Everything in Just One Tool:

This Point of Sale Software in Pakistan includes almost everything that businesses would require. It not just only performs the sales job. But even provides the day to day sales report, profit and loss report and manages the inventory. This one tool can do everything you need. It certainly excludes the need for additional personnel and tools that are mere hefty on the budget.

An Affordable Business Solution:

It is priced at a rate that would never disturb your budget. Along with that, it is a cost-cutting technique that can reduce most of your operational and managerial expenses. And certainly, that adds up in your savings that you can utilize at any time you need.

POS Software Module Key Features

  • Item and Stock Management
  • Sales and Customer Management
  • Purchase and Supplier Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Reports and Analysis
  • Barcode designing and Printing
  • Printing in both Dot Matrix and Laser Printers
  • Schemes And Promotions
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Payments to supplier
  • Receive payments from customer
  • Stock Transfer
  • Send SMS and Email to customers/ suppliers
  • Accounting Software Bridge
  • Dual Measuring Unit
  • Subsidy Management
  • Access Rights
  • Gift Card
  • Employee & Supplier Management
  • Custom Fields
  • Weighing Scale Interface
  • BOM & Making Cost
  • Online Shop
  • Secondary Measuring Unit
  • Customer Groups
  • Offers and Discounts
  • Search by Stock

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