Inventory Software in Karachi – Pakistan, Dubai – UAE & USA

Inventory Management System

The best way to save time is to get the ideal Inventory Software in Pakistan, Dubai – UAE & USA. It is a collaborative tool that links all your departments together so that all the tasks could be performed at the same time. The warehouse team can add the packages, while the accounts team can enroll the shipment charges. This Inventory Management Software works as the warehouse manager with all of its features linked to the racks and deliveries.

Stock Management Software:

The stock could be organized in a turbulent manner using the Inventory Software. It helps in tagging, locating, placing and dispatching the stock. The fresh stock is tagged and themarket for their respective racks. The outgoing package could be labeled, shipped out and tracked. Simultaneously, you can even update your customer about the tracking details of the shipment.

Warehouse Management Software:

If you are looking for a warehouse manager, then take in the Inventory Software. It will help you in managing your warehouse in a very clean and easy manner. Stocking of products, inventorying, and racking is some basic features of this tool. Further, the Inventory Software even remembers the expiry of the stock, keeps a note on the depleting stock and sends the requisition to the supplier for the fresh stock.

Adaptive Solution:

This Inventory Management Software in Pakistan is a revolution to reduce the operational cost of warehouse and stock management. Its robust features update you with every detail of the shipment and the stock inside the warehouse. And the correspondence is even strengthened.

Inventory Management Software Modules Key Features:

  • Multi Company and Branches
  • Multiple Price Levels
  • Item Packing and Measures
  • Stock Taking and Counting
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Colour and Size (apparel matrix)
  • Define Automatic Reorder Points
  • Stock Transfer
  • Barcode Printing and Scanning
  • Multiple Categories and Departments
  • Track Serial Numbers, Batch Numbers
  • Define Currency and Price
  • Security, Logins
  • Vendor / Customer Transaction Drill Down
  • Interactive Reporting
  • Tax Codes

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